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Toyota Motors, USA

National Customer Relations

19001 South Western Ave Dept WC11

Torrance California 90501

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If you\'ve had a similar experience with *** Dyer Toyota please dial 1-800-331-4331. This is the national contact information for registering complaints and concerns with Toyota dealerships in the U.S.

Please note that upon contacting the number, you should push the extension for dealership problems or concerns ext. 3 or 4.

Original review posted by user Nov 06, 2012

*** Dyer Toyota of 240 Killian Commons Pkwy is NOT to be TRUSTED!

My mother and I visited their dealership on Saturday November 3, 2012 in search of a used car. We were greeted by a salesperson by the name of Anthony Addison.

I told Mr. Addison my price range and also informed him that I'd already been approved for a loan through my credit union. Mr. Addison's response to me was "That's what they all say".

I chalked that up to Mr. Addison being a jokester and continued to look at the used cars. We found a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu. At first I wasnt too crazy about the car because of the custom rims, however the car was in great condition and they offered me the car for 8,998.

They allowed me to drive the car to get my uncle's approval on it. When we returned, I told Mr. Addison I wanted to get the car. I also told Mr.

Addison again that I had already been approved for a loan. Mr. Addison then LIED and told me that the bank I was approved for the loan with was a bank that they worked with (sign and drive) and if I gave him my social security number he'd be able to see the loan I was approved for in his system. I know nothing about the car purchasing process so I believed him.

Mr. Addison ran my credit , got me approved through some other bank and came back with 3 different car payments. He never told me what the interest rate would be or how he even came up with those payment amounts so I didn't say much, I just refused the deal and my mom told him we'd come back when we had my uncle because we didnt know much about the car buying process. Mr.

Addison says "If he can't write a check, there's no need for him to come". With that being said, we got up and left. When I got home, I realized Mr. Addison must have ran my credit.

I called the dealership back the following day and spoke with Mr. Addison about him running my credit when he had already been informed that I was approved by my bank. Mr. Addison was very rude to me, as he was on Saturday.

He was talking over me, saying I knew he was running my credit because I gave him my social security number. I was aggravated when I ended the call with Mr. Addison because of the way he talked to me. I called back and spoke with a manager, to my understanding, he's the manager of the new car department.

His name was Jeffrey Bowers. I expressed my feelings on how I was treated and I requested another salesperson to assist me with purchasing the car. Mr. Bowers told me that he would definitely assign me to another salesperson and to ask for him when I come in the following day.

My uncle , my mother, my aunt and I went to the dealership on Monday November 5 2012. I took a day off work to be able to get the car. When we got there we were greeted by Mr. Addison.

My uncle told Mr. Addison that we wanted another salesperson, Mr. Addison began to loud talk my uncle saying he really didnt care if we wanted another salesperson. We then spoke with Mr.

Bowers after Mr. Addison immediately lied and said he wasnt there, then he quickly changed it to "Well he should be in here". Before finally speaking with Mr. Bowers, we were greeted by the used car manager, his name was Adam, I'm not sure of his last name.

My uncle told him how rude Mr. Addison had just been to him and that we just wanted to start fresh with a new salesperson. Mr. Bowers then came over with a different salesperson by the name of Tremaine Boyd.

My uncle and I sat down at one of the tables with Mr. Boyd to discuss the purchase of the car. Once we got he numbers straight, Mr. Boyd printed up a bill of sale for me to take to my bank to have a check cut.

I was in contact with Mr. Boyd the whole time after I left and headed to the bank for the check. I let him know when I was headed back and I had already called and switch my car insurance from my current car to the new car. Fifteen minutes after I called to say I was on the way with the check, Mr.

Boyd called back stating that the car was already sold to someone else. I was extremely upset and I asked Mr. Boyd how was that possible. Mr.

Boyd told me that it was business then he went on to say "What would you do if you had a business and someone came in with cash to buy a car". I asked for a manager, and Mr. Boyd said to me "He's a busy man, no you can not talk to him". He also told me that I needed to get rid of my little attitude that I had with him.

Mr. Boyd was being so rude to me that I hung up in his face. I spoke to managers after him and neither of them offered to do anything for how I had been treated. The only thing they could muster up was a "I'm sorry".

I recieved conflicting information. One manager told me that if I had left a down payment that they wouldve held the car and another told me that they didnt hold used cars. I was treated awful from the time I stepped foot in that dealership. I never thought that there could be so many unprofesssional people employed at the same place.


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